Where the wild things are

Where the wild things are

She is chaos; she is freedom. You know where to find her. You have seen her there in your head. She will wait for you as always, where the wild things are.

MaritWhere the wild things are


Koeien kus

De liefde wint, steeds weer opnieuw.



Forty | MindFoolMe

En dan ben je ineens veertig!


Schreeuwende stilte

Oostenrijk | MindFoolMe

Een schreeuwende honger in oorverdovende stilte.

MaritSchreeuwende stilte


MIndFoolMe | Impermanence

Nothing lasts forever and yet nothing ceases to exist.



MindFoolMe | M©M

You have taken my hand and we have danced to the rhythm of a heart that stopped..


Ik in Jou

MindFoolMe | ©RemcoStunnenberg

Ik ontdek mezelf in jou en ik voel dat jij mij ook herkent..

MaritIk in Jou

On being vegan

MIndFoolMe | ©RemcoStunnenberg

I am vegan because I choose to live a non-violent life. Because I believe that every sentient being has the same rights to a life free from harm.

MaritOn being vegan